About Us

Established in 1996 Bond Associates has been a market leader for nearly a decade.

Operating in a turbulent and fast-changing environment, our approach over the years has remained resolutely stable and focused. We deliver proven event people and event management services that help our customers achieve exactly what they want to achieve.

Though many event companies have come and gone, Bond Associates continues to be a stable and customer focused organization.

Operating from locations in the South East/Midlands and South West we provide a national and international service for many leading companies and major blue chip organizations based in the UK.

Ultimately it is the capabilities of our team and the results that they deliver that are responsible for our overwhelming success, with nearly 50% of new customers joining as a result of recommendations from existing service users.

We believe we offer an unrivalled service and we have never taken on an assignment we were uncertain of fulfilling, pacta sunt servanda (agreements must be kept). Hence our strap-line...

"Our word is our Bond".